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Our Inspiration

Inspired by the beautiful elements from tropical regions, We at Hibiscus, design modern and fashionable work, leisure and evening wear for the contemporary Indian woman. The colors, vibrancy and charm of Hibiscus inspire us to do collections which are refreshing, modern and apt for tropical climate. We love to capture colors of tranquil sea, fine grained sand and accents of vibrant tropical flora for every mood in a very stylish way.



Our Design Philosophy

Our team at Studio Hibiscus is passionate about curating modern look with a fusion of tropical elements, artisanal touch and contemporary styles. Designed for a woman of substance who is striking fine balance between a fast paced city life to a leisure break or an informal evening at a hip lounge, our collections are for today’s woman who celebrates and enjoys every occasion.

Our Collections

Our collections offer effortless navigation from workplace to lounge to formal dinner or night out. Each piece exudes comfort, functionality and modern fashion sensibilities. Our base materials are quality tested and sourced from all over the world and are natural touch giving our customer utmost comfort at all occasions.